What You Need To Know About Mr Flex Nigeria 2019

The program Is an annual event which is divided into 3 segment namely:

1) MR FLEX NIGERIA: A bodybuilding and 100% muscle physique demonstration championship.

2) WHEELCHAIR FLEX: A muscle exhibition championship for athletes on wheel chair.

3) FITNESS PHYSIQUE FIGURE: A fitness physique championship for male and female.

The overall winner will go home with a power bike and substantial cash prize while other winners goes home with deep freezer, water dispensers, power generating sets, cash prizes and consolation prizes.

The championship is also a qualifier for World and Africa championship, NABBA UNIVERSE AND WFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

This year’s event is specially designed to accommodate all athletes in power sports. It also marks the debut of the Wheel Chair Flex [male and female) for all able athletes on wheel chair, This will be the first of its kind in Africa.

Among other packages are music and comedy by popular entertainers.

There will also be an award and recognition for those who have been supporting fitness and power sports in Nigeria. This year’s event promise to be more fun and entertaining With macho pose down by foreign bodybuilder and Green carpet which depicts strength and the color of Nigeria.